Simple Tips to Write an Outstanding Description of Your Vacation Rentals

kissimmee vacation rentals

Nowadays potential guests read the online description of different vacation rentals before making their bookings. They read what the vacation rental owners have to say about their properties, what are the amenities and whether or not it is will be suitable for them and their co-vacationers. As a vacation home owners, you will want your potential guests to read the descriptions of your vacation home and instant say ‘this is it, let’s make the bookings”!

But to ensure it, you need to write an outstanding description. Read on the time-tested description writing tips that can make your pool homes Disney stand out!

Keeping it simple
Use short sentences and paragraphs. Avoid long sentences and paragraphs with unnecessary words and commas. Instead, use small bites of information to make it simple. Your potential guests will not spend their time to decipher what you want to tell. Instead break up the contents via inserting headings between paragraphs.

Painting a beautiful picture
Just think about the beautiful experiences which you had in your Kissimmee Vacation Rentals or what your guests have written about your property and include them into your description. Always remember that your potential guests will not be interested in your vacation rental just because you have used the adjectives ‘mesmerizing’ or ‘stunning’!

Even your competitors can write the same about their vacation homes, whether it is true or not. For this reason you require painting a beautiful picture about your vacation rentals for your potential guests. Describe smartly what makes your vacation home so special. May be you can get splendid views of the ocean or sunrise, the furniture may be extremely comfortable so that you can nap peaceful, or the backyard boasts of barbeque facility wherein you can organize barbeque parties and recount the memories for long!

Telling a Story
Unlike large hotels, you have an added advantage, you have a human face! When you write about your Pool Homes Rentals, you can actually tell a story. Use the tone and words to convey authenticity, personality, trustworthiness and a strong connection between your potential guests and your vacation homes.

Highlight the Unique Selling Pint
Know what sets your vacation homes apart from the rest of the properties and then highlight that unique selling point time and again in the description, headlines, photos and other promotional materials. The unique selling point of your Kissimmee vacation rentals can be free kayaks for your guests, hot tub facility, great location, free entertainment facility, free adventure park tickets etc.

Follow these aforementioned tips when writing your vacation home descriptions to significantly enhance the bookings!


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