Preparing Your Vacation Home for the Winter Season

disney vacation homes

A vacation home is not only a relaxing escape when you get tired from your daily chores, but is also a good source of income when you are not occupying the property. Often people buy vacation properties for using in summer and warmer months. But do you know that winter vacation homes are also extremely popular? You just need to make your vacation rental winter ready and there is good probability that you can even rent out your vacation home in winter months as well and get significant bookings.

Installing heaters
If your vacation home does not have ductwork installed, there is no need to worry. You can choose an affordable and easy way of ensuring heat through installing baseboard heaters. From an element located near the floor in front of the baseboard, the heaters utilize the electricity for heating the room.

Insulting the attic
Most of the Kissimmee Vacation Rentals that are just designed for vacationing are found to be under insulated, especially in the attic area. If you want to make the area more energy efficient and comfortable during cooler months, it is crucial to ensure proper amount of insulation. You can begin with improving insulation in the attic area. You will discover that it has significant impact over the comfort level and heating costs.

Installing an electric fireplace
One thing which all vacationers’ desire is comfort and relaxing ambience! When you install an electric fireplace in your vacation rental, it will provide a relaxing and soothing ambience, similar to those of wood fireplaces. An electric fireplace can be a great addition, promises great energy saving advantages and a lot less hassle as compared to wood fireplaces. You will not have to worry about clearing the ashes or installing a chimney.

Installing storm windows
Installing storm windows in your Disney Vacation Homes can provide significant benefits including cozier ambience and energy savings. The storm windows will assist in stopping air gap, the most common reason for energy loss. So, when you install a storm window, it will make the ambience comfortable and can help you save significant amount of money on energy bills.

If you wish to truly impress your guests this winter season and get maximum bookings, consider these aforementioned ways to prepare your home for the winter season. With cozy ambience and relaxing environment, your guests are sure to leave with great views about your vacation home and will even post good reviews on online portals!


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