Easy Tips to Make the Small Rooms of Your Vacation Home Appear Bigger

Disney vacation homes

A usual hotel room size is approximately 300 to 400 square feet. In metropolitan cities where city center space costs huge, new hotels are planning the construction of small hotel rooms that measure even less than half of this size. To attract the attention of their potential guests, they offer extra amenities like special shower facilities, free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast etc. But how can you attract the guests who consider the size of a room when booking a hotel or vacation rental? Read this blog to know how you can decorate your vacation home to transform your small rooms without spending significant amount of money.

Add Attractive Mirrors
You may be well aware of the fact that adding mirrors in a room can make it appear bigger. But have you have ever tried to find out the reason for it? The fact is that mirrors are known for creating optical illusions. This is the reason why spaces appear brighter, bigger and longer than their actual size. For creating depth in a small space, you can try placing a mirror on a wall opposite the area that opens to another room. You can add a large mirror in the room too.

Paint the Room in Light Color
To make the rooms of your Disney vacation homes appear larger than their actual size, you can plan to paint it a light color. It will make the small and cramped rooms appear bigger. Use buttermilk, pastels, magnolia or off white colors to maximize space presence. Actually, dark paint colors absorb light and can make the room appear smaller. In contrast, bright paint colors offer a sleek and clean look that will simply mesmerize your guests. Light color will draw the attention of your guests to the main attractions of the room like fresh flowers, paintings, beautiful cabinets or striking showpieces.

Reduce Clutter
Apart from a television, bed, internet facility, a chair and probably a small table, your guests may not require other additional stuffs in the room. The big shoe boxes and old books which you have placed in the room, it is time to get rid of them. When you clean the clutter in the room, it will automatically increase the space and make the room appear bigger. It will additionally have a positive impact on your guests and may please them.

So, incorporate the aforementioned tips in your pool home rentals in Orlando and make the small rooms appear bigger and more attractive!


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