Top Things to Do While in Kissimmee

Kissimmee vacation homes

If you are in Kissimmee and you have done everything you could have in the theme parks, then its time to do something unique and memorable. Something which not many have done during a Kissimmee vacation.

Osceola County Historical Society & Pioneer Museum:

You can start your day at the Pioneer village for a glance at the yesteryear’s. The village represents those authentic buildings which once made up the Osceola County.

The Cadman complex is really unique. The original Cadman family arrived from England, enticed by the financial promises of this area. The home was decorated by Mrs Cadman and was done very artistically. She used to hold special events here to compensate for the parties of her UK life which she missed in the USA.

Their money allowed them to build a great kitchen and also a bachelor’s quarter for their boys. Compare that to the one room houses which many families lived in and children often slept on the rafters.

The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek:

Next you should check out the Center at Shingle Creek! If you have hired a Kissimmee Vacation Rental, it should be very near you. You can rent kayaks, SUP and bikes and even access a guided tour. You can hire single person kayaks as well as the big long ones with multiple rowers.

You can find exotic birds which roam around the tropical foliage with massive moss covered Cypress trees give you the shade from the hot Florida sun. The serene and scenic beauty is bound to make you forget all the din and bustle of your daily life.

The paddling center trip is not complete without the alligators passing a few feet away from you! Just keep your cool and keep paddling.

Wild Florida Airboat Tours and Wildlife Park:

Hiring Orlando Vacation Homes also brings you closer to the Florida wildlife park. You can grab a bite and then go over to the airboat tour of Florida wildlife.

You can easily feel the silence of the dark places, where you can hear nothing but the hum of the airboat. Suddenly you will see a pair of glowing eyes, looking directly at you and following your moves closely. Not only you come face to face with the nature during the ride but you will simply fall in love with the animals. Enjoy every drop of relaxation which this wonderful part of USA has to offer.


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