Two Myths About Vacation Homes

Disney Vacation Rentals

There are a few myths regarding the vacation rentals which prevent the holiday goers from trusting and exploiting this wonderful option. In this blog, we shall deal with two such myths (and we expect to counter more myths subsequently.)

1. Disney Vacation Rentals are too expensive for common man and are only viable for those who can spend money like water.

Truth is the vacation rentals are extremely affordable for common travelers who want the best value for money. While there are indeed vacation rental homes which are excessively lavish, the other end of the spectrum is rather crowded as well. This means, irrespective of the budget, the travelers can easily find a vacation rental of their choice. These vacation rentals must survive against the big hotel chains which means offering a low price is needed for their survival. They also try to keep the game fair by adding more amenities and very transparent billing which keep the pricing rather affordable. A 2014 study showed that more than half of the travelers prefer the vacation homes because they ask for less than the hotel chains. Thus, while planning your next holiday, think again before turning down the possibility of renting a vacation home. As they offer multiple bedrooms, they replace the cost of renting multiple rooms at the hotel.

2. The advertisement doesn’t match the property and thus, the spacious and beach facing villa turns out to be a cramped hole with a highway taking to the beach.

The truth is, while there has been some cases like this, they are few and far between. Only the negative news get the press going and this is no exception. While those who never stayed at a vacation rental are wary of the SNAD (significantly not as described) situation, most of the holiday goers who actually have used a Kissimmee Vacation Homes is very positive in their reviews of the properties. According to an industry survey, ninety percent of the vacation home users plan to use it again in the future and would recommend the same to a friend. Vacation rentals managers and owners generally showcase their property accurately and then there are those user feedback’s which will tell you if a particular property is not like it has been described.
There is no reason, really, why you should ignore this option during your next Disney vacation.


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