Why Choose a Vacation Home over a Hotel?

When it comes to vacation accommodations, Orlando has something for everyone. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of hotels. However, more and more people are choosing vacation homes rather than hotels. If you’re planning on visiting Orlando, you can select Orlando vacation homes, pool home rentals in Orlando, pool homes near Disney, or Kissimmee vacation rentals.


There are many advantages to choosing a vacation homes in Orlando. Separate bedrooms give every member of the group privacy. Family and friends are great but in close quarters even the best relationships can be tested. The space afforded by a vacation home is also a consideration. With a vacation home rental, occupants don’t find themselves eating, sleeping, and living in the same room. Another huge consideration is the savings found in booking a home rather than a room particularly if your party is large. With a large group or family, multiple hotel rooms might be required which results in the cost of the trip escalating rapidly. In many cases, homes can be rented for about the same cost as a hotel room. And finally, if you book with Advantage Vacation Homes, you’ll find yourself within six miles of the Walt Disney World Resort and the Universal Orlando Resort.

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