Disney Worlds: A Place to Unlimited Fun for All Age Group

Disney world is a great place to spend vacations, some people think that this is the place for the family with kids but it is not like that, as adult couples, singles or groups also come to Disney land to refresh their childhood memories. Disney World allows you to find the lost child in your personality, people feel great fun in watching their favorite Disney characters roaming around, and they hug them to get pictures. I have seen even many old people hugging and playing with these characters along with their grandchildren. Some people arrange family get together here while others come here for a trip with friends.

orlando vacation homes

Stop by Disney’s Boardwalk.

Disney’s Boardwalk hasn’t exactly replaced Pleasure Island as a premier night spot at Disney for adults, but it is one Orlando’s most adult-friendly areas at night. You can visit Jellyrolls, the Boardwalk’s famous piano bar and enjoy a romantic evening with your significant other as you watch Epcot’s famous light show, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, from the bridge at the Boardwalk while sharing a bottle of wine

Don’t forget the “kid” stuff!

Disney is world famous for several reasons, but by far the biggest is their ability to make people of all ages feel like kids again! Don’t pass up on the “kid stuff.” Head the Magic Kingdom to meet Mickey and rub elbows with Disney royalty like Cinderella, Belle and Snow White. Experience the awe and wonder of nature at the Animal Kingdom, play state-of-the-art video games at the Disney Quest arcade and step into the future at Epcot.

Enjoy the variety of food and drink at Epcot.

In EPCOT’s world showcase, you can enjoy an adult beverage in 11 different countries including Germany, Italy, Morocco, Mexico and more! Sip on wine in Italy before experiencing a taste of Oktoberfest in Germany and heading to China for some genuine sake! If you’re hungry, you can walk over Mexico to indulge in some delicious Mexican cuisine or Morocco to savor the flavors of traditional Middle Eastern food. If you happen to visit during the fall months, Epcot’s famous food and wine festival is a must go!

Most guests desiring to visit Disney World either choose to stay in a hotel near Disney World, however, there is another option for guest to choose and that is Disney Vacation Rentals. The Disney Vacation rentals are offered in two, three and four bedroom models with private pool home rentals in Orlando, and they blend all the benefits of a hotel experience with the extra room and space of a vacation home.


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